Pokemon Controversy: The Ways in which Pokemon Offends -1


While most of us love Pokemon, the Pokemon world has come into controversies more than once. The controversies have been there for a number of reasons, and some of them can really sound lame while others not so much. Ever heard the Church saying that the work done is of the devil? In the Dark Ages, the Church used to say it a lot. And as we have come down the years, we have seen many new things being despised by people, saying that it is the work of Satan. For the Western world which did not understand Eastern mysticism, Pokemon was the call of the devil, of occult practices and the like. The feeling by many was that Pokemon and its world was a work of the devil, only to corrupt children.

In the 1990’s, Saudi Arabia’s highest religious authority passed a fatwa, banning the sale of any Pokemon products in the country. Their version? Pokemon ‘possessed the minds of children’ and promoted Zionism. But that is just one of the controversies Pokemon has had to endure. Here is a list of some of the others.

The Controversy and the General Consensus

1. The Legend of Arceus

The Legend of Arceus bears some resemblance to the Genesis of the Old Testament of the Bible, which can be read clearly and has “certain” coincidences and some pretty strong resemblance to the stories of the Greek Olympus and the Japanese mythology, which also includes a “creator god” born from an egg that was in the midst of chaos, since there was no universe yet.

This has sparked outrage towards religion, accusing Pokemon to ridicule and it is said to offend religious beliefs to the extent that in some countries, they have considered Pokemon to be satanic.
You surely know the two stories well and you must have your own criteria and opinion on the matter. According to you, what relationship is it that you believe that Pokemon may have with religion?

2. Criticism and controversy

Pokemon has been involved in various conflicts and controversies; from violence, sex scenes, seizures, abuse caliber weapons, demands, subliminal messages to even terrorism and pacts with the devil. In Japan for instance, a Pokemon episode aired in 1997, caused as many as 685 seizures, the highest by a television show till date. The episode known as DennĊ Senshi Porygon was never shown outside Japan and even in the country, caused a four month suspension of the cartoon. Pokemon has also been at the receiving end of various animal rights proponents, who have alleged that the Pokemon world doesn’t do justice to animal rights.

Pokemon Controversy: The Ways in which Pokemon Offends -1