Pokemon Controversy: The Ways in which Pokemon Offends – 2


3. Censored Scenes

Pokemon emerged with The Simpsons and SpongeBob, as one of the entertainment programs with the highest number of audience and events in the world. The humble series has 692 episodes, with one episode per pokemon existing.

The problem arose with explicit content being shown, because Japanese culture was different than the rest of the world, and the differences began to show. Many countries did not want to have cartoons made for the kids to show any violence, blood or sexual relations in cartoons. To have their children seeing such scenes did create a few controversies.

Scenes like bare breasts and transparent clothes did not seem to please the parents and their faith in their children viewing harmless cartoon series was lost. As a result, several episodes of Pokemon could not be issued in the rest of the world. It wasn’t only the erotic part that caused the problem.

The cartoons also had a lot of violence and use of firearms used by minors, which only encouraged the emergence of new gang members in our peaceful and quiet means. There were also episodes inciting terrorism, as episodes where giants appeared like Tentacrueles, who destroyed buildings with only an impact.


While Pokemon has become a world phenomenon and popular the world over among children and the adults alike, there have also been a number of controversies that we do need to take a look at.
However, all the controversies, harsh critiques and censures aside, it is still seen as a favorite and a beloved animation cartoon series by kids and is enjoyed throughout the world by people as a cartoon and video game series.

Pokemon Controversy: The Ways in which Pokemon Offends – 2