12 Interesting Pokemon Facts – 1


Pokemon games have a lot to offer to its players. At least there are different dozens of that games that have passed different generations. This implies that the games started a long time ago. There are at least six anime films, several merchandise, as well as different animated series, and all of them are contained in the Pokemon series. This proves that many games in the world today are built around Pokémon. The Pokemon franchise is not only huge, but they are very expansive as well. Today it is the home for different trivia, and each of these has several interesting facts, which we are to explain here. There is no doubt that there are different interesting Pokémon facts, which you are supposed to know.

It would be difficult for anyone to know about all the existing Pokémon series in this world. For you to know all that are supposed to be known about those series, you must have spent at least two decades learning everything that should be known about them. There is no way you can know all the facts about it. Here are interesting facts that you should know about Pokémon.

1. It one of the holders of the world Guinness book of record.

It is obvious that many people may have known about the Pokémon anime episodes. These episodes are known to have caused epileptic episodes for many kids in Japan at the same time. Research has shown that the episode has made a history in the world as worst trigger of simultaneous epilepsy ever seen in the world history. It is estimated that well over 750 people in Japan suffered from epileptic seizure as a result of the Electric Soldier Polygon.

2. Classic position type is named after smog plagued cities.

Two classic position types, which include the Weezing and Koffing, were previously named La and NY, which represents Los Angeles and New York, both cities, are located in the United States of America. These two were smog ridden cities in the United States of America. The names were changed following campaign by the Japanese media to change it, because it could be difficult to remember it.

12 Interesting Pokemon Facts – 1