12 Interesting Pokemon Facts – 2


3. Ash would not age.

The major character for anime and game is the Ash. This character would never age, and this includes different series of the product. It will always remain ten years old for the various series. This could be attributed to the fact that the various series would always progress on different time setting which is different from other types of time settings.

4. Ash never does well in Pokemon battles.

For more a decade of its existence, the main character, which is called the Ash, has never progressed to the Pokemon finals in any battle. The reason is that it is regarded as the Pokémon trainer. Apart from that, there are could be several other reasons responsible for that.

5. People as well Pokemon can eat Pokemon.

During the Pokémon anime series, you can see some characters fantasizing and eating Pokémon. The most unfortunate here is the Magicarp. This is often eaten by its friends.

6. Pokemon dime could send you to college.

You can get the opportunity of a college education when you win Pokemon tournament. The Pokemon Company International would take care of your schools. This is a real life situation. This is a good example of where your expertise can aid you in life.

7. One Pokemon card is regarded as being very expensive and rare in the market.

It is known that six Pokémon illustrators are available but one of them is often rare. This was rewarded with the illustration contest winner. This has no use as the actual card game, as it can only be used for an excessive gloating purpose only.
8. Magcargo is regarded as the worst in terms of defense.

In the anime series, Magcargo is known for its ability to go back into its shell. It sees this as a way it can protect itself. However, the shell is not strong because it could break very easily. This means that shell could hardly protect it in time of battle.

12 Interesting Pokemon Facts – 2