12 Interesting Pokemon Facts – 3


9. You have to intervene in Pokemon Pikachu.

In Pokémon yellow, you should always intervene to keep Pikachu very happy by giving positions to him from time to time. Offer them those positions even it does not need it. Such intervention can always help them.

10. Mew is complicated.

Mew is genderless; it can learn how to captivate as well as how to attack. It is genderless and this makes it fail on any opponent it confronts.

11. Surge is a cheater.

Surge is part of Pokemon stadium 2. It has a Raichu. This knows how to reverse and surf. This cannot be accomplished through the usual human means. The reason for this is, is that Reversal represents GSC while Surf represents yellow move.

12. Famicom developed the Pokemon prototype.

Famicorm has almost reached its life limit when it was eventually ported over to the Gameboy. This is because they shared a lot in common in terms of their capabilities and hardware. It is a smart move to transfer the project over to Gameboy, and not the super famicom. This has helped a lot in extending the games lifespan.

There are different other interesting Pokémon facts such as the PsyDuck type. Differentiating this type makes a great difference between PsyDuck type and the psychic type Pokémon. In the actual sense, there are great differences between them although they are closely related. The truth about it is that it is regarded as water type Pokémon.

There is no end to the Pokémon facts, as you continue to get interest in that you would be learning more of those facts. Know it that it could take up to a lifetime for you to start now to know those beautiful facts. If you were a player, these facts would always help you to do well in that game. As you keep learning the existing facts, you would discover that more facts would continue to emerge.

12 Interesting Pokemon Facts – 3