All The Pokemon Films! – 3

Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the sea (2006)

The film was released in the year 2006 for the Japanese audience and was directed by Kunihiko Yuyama, and it was the fourth as well as the final of the Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation film. Moreover, it was the ninth in the Pokemon series. Nintendo DS game Pokemon ranger performed very important roles in the movie.

The Rise of Darkrai (2007)

The film was released in 2007 for the Japanese theaters. It was released on the television from Jetex for the United States and other English audience.

Giratina and the Sky Warrior (2008)

This film was the second in the Diamond and Pearl trilogy and the 11th of the Pokemon movies. The film was the first of its kind to be distributed by Universal Studios in the US. It was released in the 2008 for the Japanese audience, and released on DVD the following year for the English audience.

Arceus and the Jewel of Life (2009)

This is another Pocket monsters Diamond and Pearl the movie and it was released in the year 2009. It was the 12th Pokemon movie and Kunihiko Yuyama directed animated production. The movie made history as the highest grossing anime film about Japan defeating Evangelion. English language production was done the following year and was produced in the United States of America. It was produced in the same year with Japanese language production.

There are many Pokemon films as you can see above. They did not end here, subsequent productions continued as the years go by. The production has been on and the number of Pokemon films will continue to increase. Apart from the Japanese production, there are English counterpart productions as well. If you research furthermore, you can discover more movies, especially the most recent ones.

All The Pokemon Films! – 3

All The Pokemon Films! – 2

Pokemon 4Ever (2001)

Pokemon 4Ever was the fourth from the company. The movie, which was released in Japan, was titled Celebi-Voice of the Forest. The film was produced in 2001. The anime was directed by the same person who directed the previous movies from the company. It was based on the various television series Pokemon.

Pokemon Heroes (2002)

Another film in that series is the Pokemon Heroes and it was released in the year 2002. The movie titled Latios and Latias were released in Japan and the name given to it when it was released was Pocket Monsters the Movie: The Guardians of Altomare. This belongs to the same Pokemon series. It was released in English in 2004 and the DVD version released early 2004.

Jirachi Wish Maker (2003)

Another Pokemon series was called the Jirachi Wish Maker, and the movie was released in Japan. This is the sixth in the list of films that were associated with the Pokemon series. This was the first of their series that featured Advanced Generation. The movie was first released in 2003 and, the English version was released a year later. This film was also available in VHS and DVDs and was the second of their productions that was in that category.

Destiny Deoxys (2004)

This is another Pokemon film and it was produced in the year 2004 as a Pocket Masters Advanced Generation. It was the seventh in that series and a second to be released under the Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation. English release was more comprehensive than the Japanese release as more scenes were added to it.

Lucario and the Mystery of Mew (2005)

This is yet another Pokemon anime series to be released under the Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation the Movie. It was directed by no other than Kunihiko Yuyama, the same man who has been directing the previous Pokemon movies. The film was originally released in Japan in 2005 and released for the DVD later the same year while the English version was released on 2006.

All The Pokemon Films! – 2

All The Pokemon Films! – 1

Pokemon went into films production since 1998. Various types of movies were produced based on the initial production of 1998 in Japan. The film series vary as some were based on the advanced generation series as well as the Pokemon anime series, diamond series, diamond and pearl series, as well as the XY series.

Places the movies were produced were on real locations out of Japan. Various films produced go deeper than those movies they shoot on television. Usually the battles fought in these movies were between goods and evils. Greedy people would always use Pokemon for their evil practices as against the Ash, which relies on partners and friends of Pokemon friends to fight back. This has always been the core issues of most of the films produced under different series.

Since 1998, several films were produced and the movies keep on improving and getting better as well. With the time, the numbers of films they have produced are now large enough that it may not be easy to write about all of them here. It is right to say that there is a universe of Pokemon films. Here are some of the Pokemon films.

First Movie

The first movie was produced in 1998. The movie was first released as pocket monsters the movie: mewtwo strikes back and this was in the year 1998. The movie belonged to the animated series and it was directed by chief director of its television anime series by name Kunihiko Yuyama. This movie paved the way for others that followed later.

The Movie 2000

This movie was actually done in the year 1999. This film was produced from Japan and the name given to it was Monsters the Movie: Revelation Lugia. The same person who directed the first production also directed the film. This movie was unique, because it featured different new Pokemon such as Slowking and lugia. The movie was also very successful just as the first one released a year earlier.

Pokemon 3: The 2000 Movie

The third movie in their series was released in the year 2000. The movie was released in different languages starting from the Japanese. The movie was titled Pocket Monsters the Movie: Lord of the UNKNWON tower ENTEI. Kunihiko Yuyama directed the Japanese version of that movie. This is the third Pokemon production he was directing for the company.

All The Pokemon Films! – 1

Six Weird Pokemon Toys

pokemon squirt

Pokemon is not always the ideal franchise for people who are easily shocked. This is, after all, a franchise defined by little pocket-sized monsters with bizarre characteristics and forms who repeat their names over and over again. Still, the six weird Pokemon toys really went above and beyond.

1) Pokemon Cologne

While some people will debate about whether or not Pokemon cologne constitutes a toy, it probably should have been. Few people who were old enough to really need cologne would ever really trust Pokemon cologne. However, this product was still manufactured anyway, and hopefully it was nothing more than a toy for a lot of people. The scent for the cologne was about as good as people would expect it to be given its highly suspect origins. It smelled like the cheap perfume that it was. The target market for Pokemon is usually not going to be interested in perfume in the first place, which makes this product selection that much stranger to contemplate from the standpoint of both marketing and simple common sense.

2) Smelly Mud Cards

During the height of the Pokemon craze, there was no real incentive to not create fake Pokemon cards. However, some of the frauds were much weirder than the ones that they were trying to emulate. There never was an official Pokemon called Smelly Mud, but there was a famous counterfeit card that suggested there was. As such, there may as well have been. It is hard to imagine a name that sounds more like a joke for a Pokemon than something like Smelly Mud. In fact, it sounds like the sort of joke that a kid would come up with in the first place. However, that still manages to put it ahead of some of the other counterfeit cards.

3) Big Mouth Bat Cards

The name Big Mouth Bat already sounds like a joke, and it may as well have been. However, plenty of people thought that these counterfeit cards referred to real Pokemon monsters within the official canon, and they probably still found themselves trying to explain to people who monsters called Big Mouth Bat could possibly be intimidating.

4) Naughty Ball Cards

People were clearly cranking these counterfeit cards out very rapidly, or they would have surely recognized just how bizarre a lot of these card names sounded, and how inappropriate some of them would be under most circumstances. However, these counterfeit cards have achieved their own fame in the fandom, at least to a certain extent. Many people consider Naughty Ball cards to be classics in their own right, albeit of the infamous variety rather than the famous variety.

The Naughty Ball Pokemon monsters would bump into things and explode, more or less turning themselves into weapons in the first place. As such, it is reasonable to believe that the very inappropriate name that they were given was an accident, and at least their power doesn’t have the same weird subtext. However, this set of counterfeit cards still managed to become a joke for well over a decade.

5) Turkey Warrior Cards

Calling someone a turkey warrior would be an insult under any other circumstances. However, someone someplace did think that this would be a convincing counterfeit name for a Pokemon monster, so it must have sounded truly frightening to this person. Many people understandably found this card to be funny rather than scary or powerful. While the name is nowhere near as inappropriate as some of the other contenders, there is still something strangely creepy about it. However, for most kids, this is a card that was probably just going to sound silly rather than creepy. Still, they probably got an amusing surprise when they reflected upon the card when they were adults.

6) Pokemon Toys that Look Like Computer Mice

There really was no need to add a ball to the base of Pokemon toys that would manage to track minutely and accurately every action of a person’s hand, but they were manufactured anyway. In all likelihood, a lot of kids removed the ball part of the toys. Some of them might have swallowed them. These toys were never intended to replace computer mouses and they never could anyway. As such, the inclusion of the ball in the first place is that much more bizarre.

Six Weird Pokemon Toys