All The Pokemon Films! – 2

Pokemon 4Ever (2001)

Pokemon 4Ever was the fourth from the company. The movie, which was released in Japan, was titled Celebi-Voice of the Forest. The film was produced in 2001. The anime was directed by the same person who directed the previous movies from the company. It was based on the various television series Pokemon.

Pokemon Heroes (2002)

Another film in that series is the Pokemon Heroes and it was released in the year 2002. The movie titled Latios and Latias were released in Japan and the name given to it when it was released was Pocket Monsters the Movie: The Guardians of Altomare. This belongs to the same Pokemon series. It was released in English in 2004 and the DVD version released early 2004.

Jirachi Wish Maker (2003)

Another Pokemon series was called the Jirachi Wish Maker, and the movie was released in Japan. This is the sixth in the list of films that were associated with the Pokemon series. This was the first of their series that featured Advanced Generation. The movie was first released in 2003 and, the English version was released a year later. This film was also available in VHS and DVDs and was the second of their productions that was in that category.

Destiny Deoxys (2004)

This is another Pokemon film and it was produced in the year 2004 as a Pocket Masters Advanced Generation. It was the seventh in that series and a second to be released under the Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation. English release was more comprehensive than the Japanese release as more scenes were added to it.

Lucario and the Mystery of Mew (2005)

This is yet another Pokemon anime series to be released under the Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation the Movie. It was directed by no other than Kunihiko Yuyama, the same man who has been directing the previous Pokemon movies. The film was originally released in Japan in 2005 and released for the DVD later the same year while the English version was released on 2006.

All The Pokemon Films! – 2