How Did Pokemon Become So Popular?



When Pokemon was first introduced, nobody knew that it would become as popular as it has today. The first Pokemon series arrived way back in 1995, and the tale of a world where humans capture Pokemons’ and pit against each other has only grown more exciting. Created by Satoshi Tajiri, Pokemon is owned by The Pokemon Company, and interestingly the tale actually began as a video game, designed for the Nintendo Game Boy. It was only then that it was written and released as animated cartoon series for kids all over the world. Reports suggest that the Pokemon brand earned more than $2 billion in 2014 alone.

Pokemon – A World Every Child Wants to Live In

It is no secret that when we see Pokemon, we are facing one of the best series of all times. It has broken all the records and is watched by children all over the world. Pokemon merchandise sells well even today and the franchisee witnesses sales in millions even today. One of the most popular merchandise remains the Pokemon ball but Pokemons like Pikachu remain the favorite as toys. In fact, in many countries around the world, Pokemon toys are even offered as free items with children food.

The young and the old are equally passionate about it and the show has legions of fans around the world. But why did it become so popular? Here are some of the reasons you might love the Pokemon world for.

1. It protects your virginity:

If you declare yourself a fan of Pokemon, your shield increases even more if you plead to be a fan of, say, Sponge Bob.

2. For the epic fights:

If you are someone who likes Pokemon for its epic fights, you should know that the creator of Dragon Ball, also was surprised with the quality of its animation.

3. You can see it with your family:

You generally do not want anyone to know that you still see Pokemon at the age of 29, but it is in fact a show that the young and the old enjoy as one.

4. It has a gripping story.

Because it gets good right from the first episode. You have some gripping and unique tales, far away from the normal mundane cartoon series that you see everyday. It’s a world that you would love to be in.

Pokemon is known so far and wide because it is a commercial animation series, in television as well as a games series. It started out as a games series and went on to become a phenomenon, especially among the children. The young and the old are crazy about them alike.

Something New

The concept of Pokemon in the beginning was something that had not been seen. Owning a pet and fighting to see who was the best and using cable links made Pokemon, the top of this franchise. That same feeling that sold us, sell them to children because Pokemon is now a franchise for kids! The game is a business after all and will adapt to new technologies. Each installment of Pokemon was released, thinking of new generations of children and not in the old Game Boy players.

  • It always strived and did something new or made huge improvements or advancements in the gameplay.
  • The objective was not to save the world like the other series, but to be the best coach in the world.
  • It is a game with many original characters, and gives you the possibility of having a team to your liking.
  • We have two people using the same equipment and the same strategy.
  • The music is lovely and finally it is a universe with many entertaining elements and interesting inventions that somehow encourages humans to work together with nature and creatures that live in it and not just to exploit the world as its own.
  • Pokemon was the idea of innovation and also talks about a lot of ambition. Like a child can leave home at an early age to do what he likes was something that caught the attention of the children.
  • Because it has an electric rat. Who does not want an electric rat? Honestly?
  • For many Pokemon fans, we can stop the conversation right here and say that Pokemon is popular because it has Pikachu.

Today, it is one of the best cartoon series and video games in the world and generations love Pokemon. In a span of twenty years, everybody has come to love the adorable Pikachu and express their love for a world that’s far more exciting than the one we live in.

How Did Pokemon Become So Popular?

Pokemon Controversy: The Ways in which Pokemon Offends – 2


3. Censored Scenes

Pokemon emerged with The Simpsons and SpongeBob, as one of the entertainment programs with the highest number of audience and events in the world. The humble series has 692 episodes, with one episode per pokemon existing.

The problem arose with explicit content being shown, because Japanese culture was different than the rest of the world, and the differences began to show. Many countries did not want to have cartoons made for the kids to show any violence, blood or sexual relations in cartoons. To have their children seeing such scenes did create a few controversies.

Scenes like bare breasts and transparent clothes did not seem to please the parents and their faith in their children viewing harmless cartoon series was lost. As a result, several episodes of Pokemon could not be issued in the rest of the world. It wasn’t only the erotic part that caused the problem.

The cartoons also had a lot of violence and use of firearms used by minors, which only encouraged the emergence of new gang members in our peaceful and quiet means. There were also episodes inciting terrorism, as episodes where giants appeared like Tentacrueles, who destroyed buildings with only an impact.


While Pokemon has become a world phenomenon and popular the world over among children and the adults alike, there have also been a number of controversies that we do need to take a look at.
However, all the controversies, harsh critiques and censures aside, it is still seen as a favorite and a beloved animation cartoon series by kids and is enjoyed throughout the world by people as a cartoon and video game series.

Pokemon Controversy: The Ways in which Pokemon Offends – 2

Pokemon Controversy: The Ways in which Pokemon Offends -1


While most of us love Pokemon, the Pokemon world has come into controversies more than once. The controversies have been there for a number of reasons, and some of them can really sound lame while others not so much. Ever heard the Church saying that the work done is of the devil? In the Dark Ages, the Church used to say it a lot. And as we have come down the years, we have seen many new things being despised by people, saying that it is the work of Satan. For the Western world which did not understand Eastern mysticism, Pokemon was the call of the devil, of occult practices and the like. The feeling by many was that Pokemon and its world was a work of the devil, only to corrupt children.

In the 1990’s, Saudi Arabia’s highest religious authority passed a fatwa, banning the sale of any Pokemon products in the country. Their version? Pokemon ‘possessed the minds of children’ and promoted Zionism. But that is just one of the controversies Pokemon has had to endure. Here is a list of some of the others.

The Controversy and the General Consensus

1. The Legend of Arceus

The Legend of Arceus bears some resemblance to the Genesis of the Old Testament of the Bible, which can be read clearly and has “certain” coincidences and some pretty strong resemblance to the stories of the Greek Olympus and the Japanese mythology, which also includes a “creator god” born from an egg that was in the midst of chaos, since there was no universe yet.

This has sparked outrage towards religion, accusing Pokemon to ridicule and it is said to offend religious beliefs to the extent that in some countries, they have considered Pokemon to be satanic.
You surely know the two stories well and you must have your own criteria and opinion on the matter. According to you, what relationship is it that you believe that Pokemon may have with religion?

2. Criticism and controversy

Pokemon has been involved in various conflicts and controversies; from violence, sex scenes, seizures, abuse caliber weapons, demands, subliminal messages to even terrorism and pacts with the devil. In Japan for instance, a Pokemon episode aired in 1997, caused as many as 685 seizures, the highest by a television show till date. The episode known as DennĊ Senshi Porygon was never shown outside Japan and even in the country, caused a four month suspension of the cartoon. Pokemon has also been at the receiving end of various animal rights proponents, who have alleged that the Pokemon world doesn’t do justice to animal rights.

Pokemon Controversy: The Ways in which Pokemon Offends -1